With a Smart Investment, Withdraw Yourself from All the Financial Stress at an Early Age of 30

With a Smart Investment, Withdraw Yourself from All the Financial Stress at an Early Age of 30

In life of every human there comes a time when you all get fatigued with the same monotonous life and want to quit working and focus on enjoying life and have a better and different schedule. In the race of life, from childhood the foremost is to study hard and then work. And, there is no time left for enjoyment, thrill and vacations. In addition to this, when the actual time of enjoying life approaches you all are so stressed with the burden of responsibilities that you never have enough time to live your life to the fullest with utmost happiness. You are only surrounded by the obstacles in the future life. Thus, this first thing that haunts while ever thinking of leaving work. Also, if you still give priority to you inner peace and quit working the second consideration is how the earning come will and who will fulfill the responsibilities?

So, if you are aged around 30-35 and have a strong desire of giving up you work. Then, many of you may now go ahead and focus on living your life to the fullest. If you wonder how, then let me tell you how along with the best logic that will just make you woo. We know that we all have been knowing that the rates of commercial property has grown rapidly over the years and if you have enough money to invest in such properties you cannot only wait for a few more years to get double the amount you have invested in but also you can rent your property and get a fixed rental income every month.

But if you do not have adequate money to deal in commercial property, we have got a few steps to tell you that how it really works and you can soon become opulent:

1. By the change of 17 you might complete your schooling and after 3-4 years your graduation will be completed. This makes you eligible to start earning at the age of 21 or 22. Now, when you start earning you get yearly appraisal to and chances to get better opportunities at work and raise you income. With this fixed income how much money do you save? With a limited income it’s really complicated to save a higher amount every month.

2. So, when getting a job fix a particular amount that will completely go in your savings and nothing else. Don’t use the amount till time you know that now you have enough money to invest in a jaw-dropping commercial deal.

3. So, let’s say that your monthly salary is Rs.50,000 and Rs.30.000 is enough for your expenses. Then, side-line those Rs.20,000 every month. By this you can easily save a huge amount of Rs.2, 40,000 per year.

4. Well, is that enough for buying a commercial property in your city? Not really! So, save for a little more years and in case you opt to retire at the age of 30 only. Then, you have 8 years to earn and save more. Thus, if you have been saving an approximate amount of Rs.2,40,000 every year and work for next 8 years the amount will be approximately around Rs.19,20,000 in a span of 8 years. Also, if you have saved money in your bank account then you will also get interest by bank and over years a good amount of interest would make your savings somewhat near 20 lakhs.

5. Well, that is enough money to invest in a commercial property. After buying that property you can either start some work in that or give it on lease or rent that property. Doing so, you will earn a fixed rental amount and you can easily earn by sitting back home, without any worries of your other responsibilities and no more work load.

6. Though, even if you do not want to retire so early and work for a more time. So, you will have more money to save every month. This way you will be saving the regular income plus the fixed rented income and save the same amount of money in a shorter time span and again invest in something like this. So, now you will have more liquid money in hand, your own property and fixed income.

Thus, property has always been a savior. Many people have become billionaires only with investing in a property and now you too have the chance to become rich by investing in commercial land. No matter you really want to retire or not at an early age but you are definitely going to earn a lot in a short period of time.

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